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Autonomous motivation coupled with high self-efficacy decreases procrastination.

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They collected data from fifth-grade students roughly split by gender from four elementary schools in northern Israel. The students provided self-reports related to their homework. They rated items that measured their motivation for doing homework, their self-efficacy their beliefs about their ability to complete this homework , as well as their homework procrastination. This type of response reflects an autonomous motivation.

This is certainly what these researchers found as well. The higher the autonomous motivation, the lower the procrastination. But that was only part of the story. What Katz and her colleagues found was that self-efficacy confidence in their ability to do their homework is important in conjunction with the type of motivation. Statistically, Katz and her colleagues found both mediating and moderating effects that can be summarized as: Even with strong intrinsic autonomous motivation to do homework, a child with low self-efficacy is more likely to procrastinate as compared to an autonomously motivated child with lots of confidence that he or she can complete the homework.

This study is a contribution to the existing literature, although not surprising in many respects. In fact, their findings were as hypothesized based on the existing literature and what we know about development and learning.

As the authors do explain, they think their results underscore the important role of educational environments supporting the development of both intrinsic interest autonomous motivation and confidence in their ability at an early age, before students begin to use procrastination as a response; before the procrastination habit can begin. Based on the Self-Determination Theory framework that guided their research, we know that educational environments that support the three basic needs for autonomy, competence and relatedness are key.

What these authors fail to note, but outstanding educators do well, is harnessing the need for relatedness to bootstrap students fulfilling their other needs. Although some students may easily begin with a focus on their learning to satisfy autonomy and competence needs, many, if not most, students need to come at these needs in conjunction with their powerful relatedness needs.

Doing this well is the art of teaching. Type of motivation, self-efficacy and homework procrastination. Motivation and Emotion, 38 , The title of this article suggests a discussion that would be of particular interest to me. However, I find the jargon and ill-posed examples hard to comprehend. If the posts on this website are intended for other psychologists, then I suppose the writing is appropriate. If this is intended for the general public, then I think it should be presented much more plainly.

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