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Mistake #1: Too Much Technology
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Information Technology Assistant

Connecting technical achievements with business value and IT impact. I write extensively about technology resumes and careers. We work with clients from the geekiest software developers to IT Directors. Typically only the first page is provided. Posted on February 7, by Jennifer Hay egestas, rhonecs.

Posted on February 3, by Jennifer Hay egestas, rhonecs. Posted on December 30, by Jennifer Hay egestas, rhonecs.

A good practice is to select your top tools that are most important in your job search and then integrate those tools into your professional development section. Enabled administrative staff to perform technical activities such as data manipulation, data management, and data exchange. One case in point relates to the length of their resume.

Your resume needs to appeal to both HR managers and technical hiring managers. For HR, you should include what you did and why you did it. For technical hiring managers, you should include how you did the work, and the technical processes that you used. Certifications and Professional Development: There are few industries where ongoing certifications and professional development are as crucial. Hiring managers want to know with which technologies you have current skills and recent experience.

Even if you remove the old technologies, most IT professionals still have a long list of tools, processes, and methodologies to include. Career Directors International , a noted career association, found that 3 pages are fine as long as the content is valid. Although this might have been a persuasive way of branding yourself several years ago, that is no longer the case.

So why would you want to make it the primary theme in your resume? Within the current competitive marketplace, businesses want to be agile and responsive to rapid change. They want IT to be a partner in enabling them to identify new market opportunities, identify new innovations, and develop a competitive strategy.

This means that an IT professional who can go beyond the standard value statements — improve business processes, fix hardware and software issues, and improve security to mitigate threats — differentiates themselves from the pack. To stay at the forefront of the IT industry, job seekers need to continually reevaluate their career brand.

Now, more than ever before, their resume needs to demonstrate how they provide the value that truly matters to a business. The obvious answer is to remove anything that is no longer used. After that, it becomes less obvious. There are 3 primary career paths for IT professionals: It may be helpful to think outside of the box and determine new ways to find a job. Consistent follow up is an effective way to communicate your interest in a job. It also keeps you on the mind of an employer.

Keep a positive attitude. Looking for a job is often discouraging, and it can take time. Positivity will help you while you network and interview. You are probably qualified for jobs in the same field where you previously worked.

There may also be jobs you are qualified for in other industries. When you are searching for jobs as a help desk, it is important to create an appealing resume. Your resume should highlight your top skills and accomplishments so a prospective employer easily understands why you are right for the job. You can use the following tips to help you. Avoid large clumps of text and long paragraphs. Instead, divide the resume into sections.

You can also use bullet points, lists, and bolded titles so your resume is easy to read and scan. Resumes can be longer than one page, especially if you have a lot of work experience. Limit the resume to two pages unless you are a doctor or work in academics. When looking for jobs as a help desk, proofread your resume multiple times to look for errors.

Spelling mistakes, grammar problems, and formatting issues can be distracting to a hiring manager. They often decrease your chances of landing a job. The top section of your resume should highlight your accomplishments and skills. Use this an opportunity to sell your abilities. Always be honest on a resume. Although it can be tempting to lie to land an interview, the truth usually comes out.

Self-motivated Technical Support Representative with 6 years experience.

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This Information Technology (IT) resume sample was written by a professional. Using our writing tips and resume guidance will help you land more interviews.

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Information Technology (IT) Resume Sample Writing a successful IT resume can be tricky. Use this professionally written sample and our writing tips to help you build your own.

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Use these tips and examples to create a resume for jobs in information technology. Tips include limiting the resume to two pages and using keywords. The Balance Careers Information Technology (IT) Resume Tips and Examples Perusing sample resumes for such positions as Front End Web Developer, Help Desk Technician. No matter what type of technology job you’re looking for or your IT career level—entry, mid-level, or experienced—we have nearly three dozen free technology resume samples that can help guide you when you’re writing or updating your IT resume. Check them out here: IT Developer Resume Samples. Entry-Level IT Developer Resume; Midlevel IT Developer Resume.

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Professionally written Information Technology Management Resume Example. Check out our free sample Information Technology Management resume to help you get started writing yours. When it comes to resume preparation, TopResume is here to help. There are certain best practices you should keep in mind when revising your resume to be relevant for the IT field. For example, you should make sure your information technology resume is formatted proper and contains keywords that will push it through applicant tracking systems.