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❶Where to Get Religious Studies Homework Help When having problems with your academic assignments, you should learn where to get religious studies homework help and useful tips Read more. There was plenty of national pride and imperialistic activity coming out of the new world as well as the old!

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The legacy of the Napoleonic Wars was the birth of liberalism and more importantly nationalism, as those opposing Napoleon developed a new concept of nationality; being part of a nation state.

It was this nationalism that prevented the Congress of Vienna from restoring the old order, as had been hoped.

In order to prevent the re-emergence of a second Napoleonic Empire, a series of alliance, beginning with the Holy Alliance proposed by Alexander I was created, alliances to operate in time of war and peace. Otto von Bismarck appealled to nationalism in uniting Germany, first by provoking a war with Austria and then with France.

The end result was a united Germany with intense nationalism to support it. Both Imperialism and the Balance of Power were also factors here.

European nations were in a race with one another to develop colonies in Africa and Asia. Here again Bismarck tried to defuse the situation with the Berlin Conference whic proposed to peacefully carve up Africa; but it was not to be.

The Balance of Power resulted in France and England opposing Russia in the Crimean War to prevent Russia from occupying Constantinople; the outcome of the war was anything but pleasant, and a series of overlapping alliances--a la Bismarck developed to protect countries from aggression by others. The very existence of this system of alliances gave rise to tension and provided the fuse to ignite the dynamite already there. Two excellent sources you might consider: Modern history - from Wikipedia: Historical summary of modern world history.

Stone Age Art Nova Online: End of the Big Beasts with photos. The Wonders of the World: Wonders of the World: Historical facts about the people, events, and places in world history. World History For Kids: A free online world history textbook.

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Mar 05,  · World History Homework Help. Nowadays, most students prefer to rely on the Internet when looking for some help for their assignments. Think about the same tool if you have any difficulties with your homework because referring to it while doing your coursework is an effective way to make things less confusing and time-consuming.4/4(90). Our tutors can help you with these World History topics and more: Study of all different cultures; People, places and environments; Time, continuity and change; Nationalism; Revolution; Growth of Western democracies; High Middle Ages; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; 24/7 Help in Our Online Classroom. Our online classroom has the necessary .