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What can we do to give it a greater effect? No rote but just enriching linkage to lessons learnt. Our kids enjoy these and are eager to share their experiences and learn tremendously from each other! Also, maybe let them chose from several options an activity which is of interest to them.

Why Is no one pointing out the fact of once these kids go to a higher grades the shock of how much of a load of homework will be a complete wreck them. So I strongly disagree so we give him reading every night and review with him what he learned in class each day. I use to be an advocate for streaming but I was wrong… kids learn best when there are varied abilities in the room. Based on what research?

These comments are reflecting what research the Sutton trust has accumulated. In my head, this is obviously easier to do well with a smaller class. So if you want good teaching and not burn teachers out trying to individually respond to 32 children in each lesson, then reducing class size will make a difference. I also think that we have a large number of children who need nurturing not just teaching facts. So again a smaller class is beneficial to this end.

A good teacher will have a good impact with 14 or 40 kids. You have to change what you do to meet the needs of the students. I believe class size does make a difference. It certainly did with my daughter. Not from a teaching perspective, but from a learning perspective. The more students in a classroom, the more distractions and behavioral issues there are.

My daughter is not a child who is easily distracted, but two years ago, she left public school and switched to online learning with a small amount of students in her class. She said there is a huge difference in the number of times the teacher has to stop the lesson in order to reprimand a student.

They can and they do. If the homework is being encouraged to work with mum or dad in the kitchen or the garden por encouraging parents to read and act out stories with their children these will make massive differences to achievement. Last year I was lucky enough to have a class of 18 for the best part of the year. I do believe the spring in my step made me a better teacher. I believe in a normal class grouping I would have been lucky to get them to a C. Hattie can measure my stress levels.

There was so much joy in teaching my little group of children! Jules, I completely agree with you. Of course, there are methods designed to maximise the learning of larger classes, but there is a huge time saving in marking a class of 18 essays to marking, say, The time saved can be invested in lesson preparation, or even, time to just think!

Jules you are so right! Not a fan of homework, except as a little revision, especially in primary school. My 5 children attended a state primary school, which had multi-age classrooms, which assisted children to learn at their own pace. It was also a Glasser school, which helped with socialisation. The other 4 have all been accepted at tertiary institutions.

All but one of those 4 were educated completely at state schools, with 1 attending a private school for her last 3 years of school, at her own request, for social not academic reasons. Perhaps children, especially boys, should begin school at a later age. The opposite in fact.

I have always found Professor Hattie to speak positively of teachers. As a teacher, I wish more people in the public arena would validate what we do. I remember like it was yesterday that when I was put down a group I immediately sank down to the equivalent level in that group. Ie in footballing terms, relegation zone in premiership led to relegation zone in championship.

That was also a very real threat. You certainly didnt want to shine once you were relegated. Why does nobody mention this? Presumably this is a neutral site? I agree as a parent i believe homework makes a difference…. I know what my child is learning in school. Show an interest in what my child is doing during her day. Only helps build on a stronger family unit. Why is it, that never is there a word about student behaviour and the huge effect it has on learning, not just for the behaviour problem students, but for all children within that classroom!

Unacceptable behaviour can keep a classroom in an upheaval. Also, the undesirable effects of hard drugs while in the womb…also alcohol!

Then we have undernourishment and exhausted children. And we must not forget the trauma many are experiencing…separated parents, bickering parents, living in households where adults are smoking inside, eating a diet of processed foods, a parent or parents drinking to extremes on a daily basis, sexual abuse, seeing a parent being abused… and I could go on! All of these things and more are what many children are experiencing on a daily basis.

Change will take place in the classroom and learning will take place when things change first in our homes and in our lives. It is the parents responsibility and we need to hand it back to them! Critical skills training can be invaluable — visible learning at worst can lead to children becoming statistics in the forensic analysis of data when actually they will gain more and teachers will have more of an impact with 5 minutes of care and concern and perhaps being the only person that has spent 5 minutes 1: Real relational trust takes time and genuine concern and interest in children developing and progressing — what is an assessment capable learner?

Sounds like a robot! Behavior is a big learning factor for the student with behaviors and those around them. It got to the point where he was taking 3 stimulants, a mood stabilizer and an anxiety med just to make it through the school day. We pulled him out of mainstream school last year, weaned him off all meds and home school now. All that being said maybe less pressure should be put on the child having homework and more time spent on educating parents about what their child is being taught and how to apply it to their every day life.

To say it has zero effect seems a bit far fetched for all students. It depends on the quality of the school and quality of life at home. I work with low income students who seem to not have much education at home.

The homework the teachers send helps us evaluate where the children are and help increase their education even if the parents are not involved in their education. Children with strong support systems probably benefit by helping around the house more and being a great part of the community. Make it more interesting people say, how interesting can you make a football game for those wanting to do ballet? Put them on the field and they will learn though, they will learn to avoid playing against the Alphas at all costs so the best solution, get into trouble to avoid having to integrate, cause trouble so the lessons gets dragged out.

Failure to integrate into a classroom setting does not automatically set a child up for failure in their adult life. Teachers are under pressure to give kids extra work. A lot of teachers would rather not give homework. Reading with an adult is the best thing you can do for your child. What are our advantages compared to other services you might ask. Well, there are a lot! Our homework help site is affordable for most international students, delivers assignments of high academic quality, and always meets your most urgent deadlines.

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With all that burden, it is even twice as hard for students to deal with huge piles of assignments making them look for homework help sites to ask for academic support and assistance. Unfortunately, it is exceptionally hard to distinguish good online homework helpers among their fraudulent twins.

What should one do when facing this tough choice? Well, the answer is as simple as it is ingenious — use our well-known service that delivers English homework help of an outstanding academic quality for students all over the globe. As we have mentioned before, it is practically impossible to cope with both part-time job and studying duties. In this tough situation, we, as retired students, took a responsibility to help a new generation and provide young people with quality college and high school homework help that they really deserve.

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