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❶Our writers helped candidates secure positions in. It was, again, my resume regurgitated.

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We Write Resumes that Get You Hired Our Unique Service Guarantees you More Interviews Our unique combination of expert writers and technology ensure results Written to ensure you stand out from the competition Scanned with ATS technology to ensure passage Writers for all industries and experience levels x more interviews guaranteed?

View Our Expert Packages. Our writers helped candidates secure positions in. We utilize the same technology most employers use to screen resumes and ensure yours gets through. Your resume will be keyword optimized to perform well in these scans. All of our professional resume writers are based in the U. We understand the language, process and latest trends of resumes that land interviews.

Unlike other resume writing services, easily communicate with your writer through the built in messaging system. Easily handle all documents throughout the process.

Here are the most common reasons:. How ZipJob Works to help you land your dream job. I would not recommend this service to someone who is entry-level, or even someone who is mid-entry level. I believe the individuals best-served by this service are solid mid-career or advanced level professionals. This is for a few reasons As an entry level career individual, you can pretty much pivot and go anywhere you choose.

Your options are wide open. You can and will have to settle for a somewhat lower salary in many fields. You are busy working your way up. You should have a friend who was an English major in college proof your resume. When you are at the mid-advanced point in your career, chances are you have a LOT of experience, perhaps in one type of company or one type of field. Even if you have one of those jobs sort of like I do that no one really understands what you do, trust me, Alyssa gets it.

The first version of my revised resume I received back from Alyssa was jaw- dropping. I kept saying to myself, over and over again, "Yes, I really DO that in my job! She really takes the time to speak with you and get to know you, and really go through your job history to get a great feel for who you are and what you do. I believe my first meeting with her was over an hour long? She will help you set up your LinkedIn profile so it is more appealing to recruiters and companies.

All of these things matter and count. There are plenty of other services out there you can use that will charge left. Long overdue review - not worth it by any stretch. In , I was in between jobs and looking to make a career change, which is why I opted for the uber-pricey services of Resume Strategists. Boy was I wrong! My meetings with Alyssa amounted to her talking basically the entire time - about other clients mostly in Marketing my background is in Finance.

The resume and cover letter I got at the end were drafts - my resume was a multi-page document with lines like "Developed [insert appropriate word here] at [insert xx here]. It was essentially useless. If I had to write my resume in the end, what exactly did I pay for? I never sent out that resume - it was an incomplete mess.

I got absolutely nothing out of the time and money spent. I did need help, and for some reason I thought the more money I spent, the better assistance I would get. First off, Resume Strategists charged me 3, The resume process took about a month. The way they worded some of my accomplishments definitely sounded better than what I had originally.

However, the overall result was that I sounded like the most lowest common denominator Office clone. I sent out about 20 of their version and got ZERO response. I then went over my resume and noticed that I had a history of collaborating with different teams to accomplish projects. I bumped up my summary and added some more details and got ONE response. Some of the resume revisions I could tell hardly any thought went into them at all. The cover letter - they give you one final version. Frankly, the cover letter sucked.

It was, again, my resume regurgitated. And the "career counseling" - is the most average, basic info that is easily found by doing an internet search. They do not have any inside knowledge or cutting edge information.

And in the final meeting, we barely got into the interview questions because we went over on time. Which they promptly stopped at the allotted time because they had someone else to price gouge waiting. I never even met her. And they have very nice full floor office in midtown Manhattan.

Now I know why the price is so high! Gotta meet that overhead for the swank office. Knowing all I know now, this is how I would approach writing my resume. Having an objective person or more than one person look at it is valuable. When I had the four versions, I would sit down, google search for relevant key words and create my own resume using the material I already had.

I agree with a previous reviewer. I saw they had eight 5 star reviews on yelp. I went to the website and filled out the necessary information to schedule a consultation. The email correspondence was very professional. I waited 10 days to speak with someone not Alyssa for 6.

Capitalize on your assets! The time she spent working with me and talking through my career path, I not only ended up with terrific materials, but I was able to see my own value from a different perspective. With her experience, she transformed what had been a jumble of experiences into a well-articulated resume and cover letter.

The experience has been a very positive one, as it has helped me further prepare for interviews. This gives me a greater confidence in my abilities and how I speak about myself.

I am in the midst of relocating to the East Coast and there is no room for error in hitting my goal; this was not the time for a DIY effort. And frankly, DIY efforts have only netted mediocre results. She was very patient and walked me through her process.

She made me relived all those years of work experience, but I am glad she did. It allowed me to see what I wanted and did not want to do in my next career. She implemented my suggestions and revised my resume until I was happy. I am very happy with the final result. I am hoping to make a career change, and feel confident my new resume shows how my skills can easily transfer to a new position.

I am very happy with the results and recommend her services highly. She spent a lot of time with me in our initial phone call, then a few hours going over my work history, and then working with me until I had a resume I was per cent happy with. Overall, it was a surprisingly painless experience - I actually found it helpful because speaking with Alyssa forces you to not only think about your past, but also about where you want to go.

After recently deciding to switch careers, I found myself in a bit of a bind. Unfortunately the many years of corporate experience had been in one field, which only made me valuable to the career I was desperately trying to get away from. Based on ratings and location, I decided to reach out to Alyssa at Resume Strategisits.

She immediately responded to my inquiry and in our initial 5 minute conversation, she gave me the confidence that I had plenty of transferable skills amongst any industry. Alyssa was extremely thorough, very reliable, and was genuinely interested in helping me in anyway she could. She helped me in so many ways with my resume that it was a no-brainer to have her help with my cover letter.

I contacted Alyssa Gelbard, at Resume Strategists to help me redo my resume. Alyssa provided fantastic service to me. She was patient and willing to work with my hectic schedule, to create what I consider an outstanding product. I would highly recommend Resume Strategists to anyone. She did such a great job articulating my accomplishments and was also a great listener who gave some very valuable career advice.

I will recommend her services to all my colleagues and friends. She makes the time to speak with you both in person and over the phone, creating a personalized and effective approach. Highly recommended Alyssa was great in putting together my first real resume after having been in the work place for more than fifteen years.

She developed an excellent resume that framed my experience and highlighted the deliverables I have had in past jobs to help me land the one I want. She is a great listener and very collaborative - very quick in responding to edits or suggestions. Resume Strategists Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

I had such a positive experience working with Alyssa. Alyssa was great in putting together my first real resume after having been in the work place for more than fifteen years. Our strategic and personalized approach helps executives and …. Our strategic and personalized approach helps executives and experienced professionals confidently market themselves to achieve their career goals.

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